Last updated: 01 August 2017

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We constantly monitor the markets, filter the SEC filings, do comprehensive research, observe other successful traders, and read the most popular finance blogs just to give you the best opportunities to succeed.

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Picking the Best Penny Stocks

What makes a stock worthy of being on a top penny stocks list? A careful blend of fundamental and technical analysis helps as does experience with trading penny stocks. Here are some other key things to keep in mind:

  • Companies that are consistently turning a profit and growing their cash flow are typically the best options.
  • Research is essential. Many of these companies are not mentioned in mainstream media, so it can be difficult to find information about their business practices and their future plans. We have a dedicated team that conducts research on a daily basis to find the best penny stock picks, and we share those picks in our penny stock newsletter for free.
  • Act quickly. The market changes from one day to the next. Penny stocks on the rise today may see a decline in a few days or weeks, just as has happened with medical marijuana stocks in recent times. Always be prepared to act quickly.
    Discipline is important. Thorough research and due diligence is the only way to truly find hot penny stocks. We can provide you with great penny stock picks, but it is still up to you to take action.

Taking the time to learn everything there is to know about penny stocks will help you make smart buying decisions in the future. We teach the stock market for dummies and our newsletter subscribers also receive helpful information, such as the best stock brokers to use, along with the best stocks to watch so our members can learn what it takes to pick stocks that are more likely to turn a profit. While we cannot guarantee success, our picks can help bring you one step closer to reaching your goals.

How to Find the Top Penny Stocks to Buy

If you lack the experience to find the top penny stocks on your own, subscribing to a reputable penny stocks newsletter is the best option. Not only will you be provided with awesome penny stocks, but you will also receive educational information to help make your efforts a success. In short, we teach penny stocks for dummies. Those who have the experience to buy stocks online will know how to find high reward stocks that are worth investing in. Their guidance can be invaluable to a beginner who is just learning the ropes.

Beginners may not know where to start when searching for the ultimate stock alerts. While there are plenty of resources out there, many of these sources can be misleading and are not credible. Our top penny stock picks are trusted by thousands of members and we work diligently to find only the best penny stocks to watch. When you find a resource that is trustworthy and credible, you are far more likely to find success with penny stocks.

Growth Penny Stock Picks Advantage

You may have heard a thing or two about penny stocks in the media. They have a bad reputation because they are not understood well by the main financial media.

But penny stocks are similar to any other stocks but lower priced, and are more volatile.

Take Apple, Inc (Ticker: AAPL) for example. A high priced stock like Apple, Inc can take months (even years) to gain 20 – 30%, whereas some of the penny stocks to buy  can gain 50-100% within a day or less.

Even worse, large cap stocks, such as Apple, Inc are subject to high frequency trading, manipulation by institutions and brokers, and insider trading by hedge funds, giving the “big boys” an unfair advantage.

But because these large investors are not allowed to trade penny stocks, there is a level playing field for the rest of us.

Our dedicated team are here to educate and help you make money in the stock market – regardless of whether there is a bull or bear market, there are always plenty of penny stocks to watch and hot penny stock alerts.

Last year, 75% of our ultimate stock alerts were winners. Better still, many of our winners gained 100%+, some even soaring more than 500%.  The total cumulative gains of for 2013 was 9,827%.

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