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You may have heard a thing or two about penny stocks in the media. They have a bad reputation because they are not understood well by the main financial media.

But penny stocks are similar to any other stocks but lower priced, and are more volatile.

Take Apple, Inc (Ticker: AAPL) for example. A high priced stock like Apple, Inc can take months (even years) to gain 20 – 30%, whereas some of the best penny stocks can (and do) gain 50-100% within a day or less.

Even worse, large cap stocks, such as Apple, Inc are subject to high frequency trading, manipulation by institutions and brokers, and insider trading by hedge funds, giving the “big boys” an unfair advantage.

But because these large investors are not allowed to trade penny stocks, there is a level playing field for the rest of us.

Our dedicated team are here to educate and help you make money in the stock market – regardless of whether there is a bull or bear market, there are always plenty of penny stocks to watch and hot penny stocks to trade.

Last year, 75% of our alerts were winners. Better still, many of our winners gained 100%+, some even soaring more than 500%.  The total cumulative gains of for 2013 was 9,827%.

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